Expanding the frontiers of medicine



Porous is a web service aiding case management and inter-healthcare-agency collaboration in the realm of pathology diagnoses. It has features improving the workflow of report drafting, case sharing, and data management. Porous creates greatest value for clients who wish to improve their remote diagnosis services, send and receive consultation requests, and gather pathology data for clinical research.



Bonoo is a solution package supporting those aiming to develop products and services using artificial intelligence. We will aid you from the project\'s earliest stages to evaluation and operation / maintenance. We customize development tools according to your needs, so we can develop systems that fit your unique needs and data.

Games for health


Leveraging the ability of games to naturally bring out motivation and satisfaction, we deliver comprehensive personalized health support packages to individual users and organizations, seamlessly connecting evaluation and training / intervention. We mainly serve those suffering from mental health issues and cognitive disorders, but we aim to serve a broader audience, helping society and its people develop resilient, flexible minds.


Below we present some of our past pieces of work.